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The Goals of Triage

The goal of Triage is Two-Fold.

1. To provide End-Users with a friendly, professional and quick response to the bugs that they File on BMO. If an issue should not have a bug on BMO, help the user to a forum that would be of more immediate assistance to them (SUMO, etc.). When an end-user files a legitimate bug, help guide the user in providing all the correct information, and then move the bug to the correct location on BMO. Triage should help with reproducing a bug, with making testcases, ensuring bugs have all needed information, pinging the correct devs on the bug. Triage does not need to make decisions such as WONTFIX, those are up to module peers.

2. To clean up old and forgotten bugs in the BMO database, try to get old bugs that haven't been worked on for some time moving again. Keep the database organized as much as possible, and ensure that even old bugs have al needed information.