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Triage Wiki

A Wiki page for the Triage team and community would be used to serve several purposes:

1. Provide an easy to find and read landing page for those interested in the community and those already in the community. Triage Guidelines, Information on Getting started, guides on how to use various tools, etc. could all be posted.

2. If Regular Triage Meetings are ever begun, meeting notes could be posted on the Wiki for the community to reference.

3. Using some form similar to the Firefox Features page, areas that needed Triage could be listed, as well as the Dev contact, goals, specific guidelines, queries, and the Mozilla Triager or community member heading up the effort.

4. Bugdays could be listed on the wiki, as well as a community schedule.

There is currently no easy to find area that provides all information needed for the Triage Community. With a Wiki page, the community would be able to organize more effectively, and resources would be much more available for use.