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Guillermo López
Guillermo López
Personal Information
City: Aranda de Duero / Madrid
Country: Spain
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Username: Willyaranda
Mentor: User:Nukeador
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail: willyaranda AT mozilla-hispano DOT org
GPG-Key: 838E1384
Website: Guillermo's Website
Twitter: willyaranda {{{}}}
IRC: willyaranda on in
#l10n, #europe, #sumo, #mozilla-hispano


Mozilla collaborator and translator since 2004. Geek.


Madrid Mozilla Technologies Course, Mozilla Summit 2008/2010, Mozilla Hispano Meeting (Chile 2010), FOSDEM 2008-2009, Mozilla Camp Europe (2008-2009-2011), Firefox Parties in Madrid, URJC, Twitmad_20110201, Mozilla_Hispano_community_meetup_Segovia_2012, Codemotion_Madrid_2012,

Monthly reports

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August 2011Willyaranda report August 2011
December 2011Willyaranda report December 2012
March 2012Willyaranda report March 2012
November 2011Willyaranda report November 2011
October 2011Willyaranda report October 2011
September 2011Willyaranda report September 2011

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This is my User page. It has some info about me, but if you want to contact me or leave me a message, please do it on the Discussion page here --> User_talk:Willyaranda