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The Reset feature first appeared in Fx 13. Over the last two years it's been very effective in fixing Firefox problems. We improved it in Fx 25 by adding the ability to restore your windows and tabs after a reset. When Firefox takes a long time to start up or when you haven't started it in a long time we show you an info-bar that links to the reset instructions.

Goal: Improve reset and make it discoverable

As successful as the reset feature is, the main issue is that it's not very discoverable. If you've determined that there is a problem with Firefox that you don't know how to fix, the only way you'll learn about the reset feature is by visiting the support site. We'd like to change that. The two main strategies are adding reset to the help menu and offering it when someone reinstalls the same version of Firefox that they're already running.

There are also a couple of improvements that will make reset more valuable. Instead of deleting all add-ons and their data we can migrate them but leave them disabled. We can also come up with a better name and clearer dialogs. "Reset" feels a bit scary. We can come up with something more appropriate, that has connotations more in line with what the feature actually does.

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