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My Contribution to Next Feature Brainstorming

As I understand the invitation to the brainstorming over the next features of FF3.0 and following releases, I guess the initiation's main goal is to learn what the wishes of Firefox users from their perspective are.
Well, I've got some more complex idea than just improving the mere UI by some cherry-picks. I'd like to develop and build on the Mozilla as a Platform idea. Since there have been many efforts to bring desktop applications to the web lately I think it's about time the Firefox browser responses to the newly ermerged requirements.

What Needs to Be Done

  1. In order to take advantages of the web apps today, the browser must IMHO implement a support for Multiple Documentation Interface (MDI) in full. Considering all the drawbacks, MDI is perhaps the only way to allow user's interaction with several applications at once.
  2. Next, in conjunction with the previous point, the MDI platform must allow Drag'n'Drop feature between individual applications. Consider writing a doc and D'n'D-ing a table from a spreadsheet. Impossilbe today, when all tabs are aligned onto the tabbar.
  3. The main bottlneck of the browser today are asynchronous JS calls that affect the overall operation performance. Multicore CPUs being increasingly common at these days, Mozilla platform should take advantage of them and harness all the HW power to improve the task threading. It's really unacceptable when the UI freezes till some AJAXed task at the background gets a response. Without this, even TDI mode can't be considered to be well implemented.

I'm not going to enlist all the UI-improving nitty-gritty that come to my mind, here since many of good (as well as IMO bad) ideas have been put down in their respective brainstorming sections. For me, the above mentioned three features/insufficienties are crucial when using Firefox on daily basis.
As for the brainstorming organization itself, some voting mechanism would make it more efficient. AFAIK, there's no such a feature in the MediaWiki, so why not to harness the Bugzilla, huh?

funTomas 08:47, 22 October 2006 (PDT)