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Feature request: Bundle popular javascript frameworks lke yui, extjs, prototype with Firefox

Popular javascript frameworks like prototype, scriptaculous, extjs, yahoo-ui, dojo, mootools are being used by many websites these days. Because of the rich user interface and AJAX features offered by them, they are here to stay.

The download sizes of these files are like these:

  • Yahoo UI - 232 KB (fullsource), 20KB (minified,gzipped)
  • EXTJS - 547 KB (fullsource), 147KB (minified, gzipped)
  • Prototype + Scriptaculous - 169KB (fullsource), 29KB (minified, gzipped)

There are still no established ways for minification, many websites do not use them. So users end up downloading large files.

Every time an user opens a website, these files get downloaded. Having downloaded the file from a website, if I open another website which uses the same javascript framework - the file gets downloaded again. There is no across site caching of javascript files.

Sites get slow when they include these javascript frameworks. It would have been a breeze for website developers, if they know that firefox 3.0.5 includes prototype-1.6, ext-2.2

Are we not wasting too much of bandwidth, power, apart from creating pollution due to CFC emission - in downloading the same files for each website.

Suggestion: Can Firefox installer include few versions of each of these popular javascript frameworks Or on-demand download feature just like firefox plugins can be provided.