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jminta random notes

The current impl is weak on manipulability. We need things like

  • folder parent pointers
  • msg folder pointers
  • add/delete/copy/move msg methods

Need to test current impl on news-accounts

thread pointers

In something like the GMail style conversation view and a general theme I want to move towards we need to have easy thread pointers for messages. I should be able to grab a message and find out it's parent thread and child threads even if they are in different folders. Note the use case in Talk:Thunderbird:Search:Use_Cases where a low level archive folder doesn't know that the Inbox contains a message that is part of the threading.

Oh, and subtle issue, can you remove the .DS_Store file from the extension. :)


what else?

In addition to Sync, Message Management (which, as described, really means Annotation), and Views, I think we should consider a category of extensions that change the way messages are moved throughout the system.

For example, blunderdelay and SL8TR both add functionality to Unsent messages. No current plugin (as far as I know) does the ideal, which is to add a fixed delay for each message (that is, each message goes out 5 minutes after I enqueue it). One might also want a plugin that adds a sound when mail is sent (similar to Apple Mail). Also in this category would be add-ons that some info about each incoming or outgoing mail to a log file or server (important in some corporate environments), and so on.