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Brainstorming December 7, 2010

Some Ideas

in no order with some rough implementation ideas

  • Your Day through someone else's eyes
    • Collect Data for a Day e.g. "geotweet": i.e. tweets, geo latitude and longitude and store with HTML 5 with HTML "collector" app
    • Have Butter generate a video (or some compelling images) out of collector app's data (i.e. have pre-config for Butter to do this that of course users can override)
  • "X's daily" e.g. Roland's daily
    • generate daily automatically, daily could be video or just a succession of images in a div


Roland's Goals

  • fun exploration
  • learn more about JS and HTML 5
  • mobile app

Brett's Goals

  • learn more about command line e.g. git
  • learn more about JS
  • html 5 open web app for mobile


  • we both do something else for a living :-)
  • have a life so only about 2-4 hours a week on this