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  • Disclaimer, we don't normally help folks via email :-) normally through our support forum at Why? tl;dr because it's not scalable! And because most support is done by volunteers (there are only 6 Mozilla employees who work on the support team; the rest of the support team are Mozilla volunteers).
  • Therefore please don't ask support question here or anywhere else if you can. Please again ask questions at

The problem(s)

Windows 10: "Firefox Quantum 57.0 (64-bit), note: the problem actually occurred prior to upgrading to this "Quantum" version"

Steps followed:

  1. When upgrading to a previous version of Firefox, i.e. Firefox 55 to 56?
  2. Something was done (still trying to figure this out exactly) which led to these problems:
    1. Bookmarks disappeared
    2. At some point tried to restore bookmarks from backup, "'Unable to process the backup file' error when attempting to restore bookmarks from a backup (it does this regardless of which backup including the one I backed up onto a USB drive)."
    3. "FF acts funny since this happened. For i.e. "enter" won't search or go to site. I have to click on the arrow."
    4. "also had a problem with "eversync" plugin" - [roland] - Is the eversync plugin for firefox at the one you are referring to?
    5. "icloud for bookmarks is NOT syncing either" - [roland] is this another plugin? or are you referring to eversync syncing your icloud bookmarks?

Some Ideas on How to fix the problem(s)

  1. First of all backup the Firefox profile to a USB stick or something you can remove to a safe place if you haven't done so already:
  2. Second, try Firefox Safe Mode:
  3. If these both fail, we can try Firefox Refresh: and then restoring your bookmarks from your backup of your Firefox profile.
  4. After that we can look at anti-virus. Mozilla folks have seen lots of cases where anti-virus from a 3rd party causes Firefox to behave strangely. I always tell Windows 10 folks to use Microsoft's built-in anti-virus which I believe it is now called Windows defender but was formerly called Microsoft Security Essentials and uninstall the 3rd party antivirus tools they may have. (For What it's worth I run Windows 10 myself on a 4 year old PC using Microsoft's Windows Defender and have had zero issues; Firefox runs great!).
  5. Finally there's always a chance it's hardware issues. Doesn't seem likely in your case but hardware problems do cause strange issues.