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Monday November 20, 2017

Thursday November 16, 2017

  1. Import old Speedial settings,, addons57;addons;addonsdataloss;speeddial
  2. new WOT icons greyed out - can this be fixed?, , addons;weboftrust;ff52;linux;notaquantumproblem;centos
  3. Will Chromecast support ever be added to FireFox Quantum?, , bug171698;notff57;chromecast;chromecastbug
  4. So ChatZilla, and 4 others of my add-ons don't work on quantum now?, , incompatibleaddons;legacyaddons;Chatzilla;RightToClick;Thumbnail Zoom Plus; YouTube HD PLus
  5. Magic Track Pad doesn't work with Quantum--left and right swipe between pages isn't operational, , magictrackpad;addons;addons57;solvedbyuser
  6. Pressing Esc at the address bar no longer returns focus to the page, , macosx;escape;focus;ff57uichange

Wednesday November 15, 2017

  1. I'm trying to disable the Firefox Library completely, , CCK; ESR,
  2. Typeface resolution degraded after the last update. Dramatically worse than Explorer,, fonts;
  3. What about Adobe?,, Adobe PDF?
  4. How do I increase the size of the tiles for the Top Site icons?,, top sites; top site icon size
  5. juno opens in firefox but when you click go to email it does nothing it works with internet explorer, , juno, email, works in Explorer
  6. Let firefox remember custom Website calls (ports) in autocomplete of localhost, , webdeveloper; awesome bar doesn't remember ports
  7. what happened to my session choices in quantum?,,sessionstore;sessionrestore; restore; jscher2000;
  8. Win7 Pro batch file: START "" ".\Archive\Firefox Setup 56.0.2-EME.exe "/INI=%~dp0Archive\FF-Installer.ini" <== Why does the installer ignore the ini file?,,ff56;notff57;installer;eme;drm;cdm
  9. How does one solve the certificate problem (Phenom 4, windows 7 pro), , certificate;registrar;ocsp?
  10. Can I configure FF to allow macOS's Spotlig ht Suggestions access when right-clicking?,,osx;osxspecific;rightclick;wordmeaning;translatio
  11. Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar for Firefox Quantum?, , addonreplacement,addons,mutiirow bookmarks;speeddial
  12. Suddenly, every time I try to search for anything I get this error message: The page isn’t redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirec, ,infiniteredirect;cookies;refreshfirefox;safemode;addons