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File | New | Get a New Mail Account ...

1-File-GetANewMailAccount-2012-05-25 1350.png

First Screen showing Gandi and Hover

applies to Europe (or do they just get Gandi?)
2-GetANewMailAccount-gandi-or-hover-2012-05-25 1401.png

Just Hover

  • first screen just showing Hover
  • applies to North America


Hover - Enter Thunderbird Rocks and Click Search

but of course you would more typically enter something like "first name" "last name"

Hover-1-Enter-Thunderbird-Rocks-and-click-Search-2012-05-28 1201.png

Hover - Search Results for Thunderbird Rocks, click on desired email address to start purchase process

  • in this example I pick "" by clicking on that line
  • Note that if you cancel and do the same search later you may get the search results in a different order

Hover-2-search-results-for-thunderbird-rocks-2012-05-28 1207.png

Hover - Click on the lozenge to continue the process

e.g. we want "" so we click on the "US $20.00 a year" lozenge next to it

Hover-3-Form-expands-to-reveal-pricing-2012-05-28 1215.png

Hover - Fill in information required by Internet regulatory bodies (ICANN)

  • fill in info, click Continue at the bottom

Hover-4-fill-in-regulatory-icann-info-2012-05-28 1406.png

Hover - Fill in billing info

  • fill in info, click Continue at the bottom

Hover-5-fill-in-billing-info-2012-05-28 1422.png

Hover - Confirm billing info & order details

  • fill in info, check "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service", click "Purchase Now"

Hover-6-Confirm-billing-info-order-details-2012-05-28 1428.png

Hover - Congratulations, your email address has been successfully created

All-7-Congratulations-2012-05-28 1433.png