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Draft-template-image.png THIS PAGE IS A WORKING DRAFT Pencil-emoji U270F-gray.png
The page may be difficult to navigate, and some information on its subject might be incomplete and/or evolving rapidly.
If you have any questions or ideas, please add them as a new topic on the discussion page.

always in draft! this is a prototype and an experiment! i.e. no commitment, no schedule, no obligation :-) !

As always, we need help designing and coding this. If you can help design or code it, please email roland AT

This wizard is a web app triggered through from the Thunderbird application Help->"Thunderbird Help" (ideally with Thunderbird version and OS as URL arguments) (ancient bugs that might be helpful: bug 253334)

  1. enter title (somehow encourage user to fill in keywords and something like I did A with TB Version B and Mail Provider C and D happened
  2. search sumomo and search GS, present links and question, do these links answer your question? (update metrics!)
  3. if YES, done!
  4. if NO, display form with operating system and Thunderbird version, user must fill in operating system and Thunderbird version (perhaps default OS and Thunderbird version is filled in if that's possible, OS is but I doubt we can get Thunderbird version from the browser) so user has to fill this in, but we will make it easy) (enhancement: paste in text from about:support which hopefully will appear in 3.2)
  5. next form is title, tags (pre-populated with keywords (minus stop words) from above),description, emotion (tempted to hardcode to happy but I won't :-) )
  6. submit (error check, all stop words are removed with warning about that, automatically add tags for operating system, tb version, and other fields from about:support especially isp, mail provider, pop or imap settings, firewall version, anti-virus version )
  7. GS topic created
  8. redirected to newly created GS topic


  1. how do we get the user to login to use GS, i.e. identity sucks on the internet :-), other identity issues, what if they login to gs web interface?
  2. how do we train users to use Thunderbird->Thunderbird Help for support?


  1. create a ruby script to use the GS write API to create a topic (have never done WRITE before, well experienced with GS read API)
  2. figure out framework for writing the prototype web app quickly: jquery?, probably django (because gozer knows how to deploy it! not that rapid deployment is an issue, rapid writing is the number 1 requirement for a framework), drupal (because i can get help from Vancouver drupal folks?) - Recommendations for rapid AJAX web app development framework?
  3. get quick and dirty i.e. version 0.1 out ASAP