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Always will be in draft. I work in support not development so the ordering here is based on user feedback in Get Satisfaction and other places and therefore doesn't represent development priorities or commitments

Notes for thoughts on Thunderbird:UX/Priorities/3.1


(I have left out things that I believe are fixed in 3.0.1 and 3.0.2, UX features are in bold)

  1. new account wizard - make it work :-) ! defaults to IMAP (SuMoMo IMAP to POP article) and it is painful to switch to POP, and use in general if anything goes wrong or if your ISP doesn't have a file;sometimes accounts are created but cursor keeps spinning and you have to hit cancel and then manually delete the account if it's IMAP and then create it as POP again through the unfriendly Manual Setup; not high user pain: bug 543827-different passwords for incoming & outgoing;bug 534604-different userids for incoming & outgoing; TOP3 HIGH USER PAIN:1.IMAP to POP 2. Manual Config 3. Stop/Cancel Buttons not working;high user pain general list (general fix new account wizard bug is:bug 531099):
    1. cancel / stop buttons don't work or don't appear to work
    2. not clear you have created an account when you click manual setup
    3. not clear how to switch IMAP to POP or vice versa (and as documented in my IMAP to POP article, clicking "Manual Setup..." and then "Cancel" is not an intuitive way to create a POP account); bugs: bug 532590-quick account setup IMAP to POP
    4. not clear how to edit settings and make them stick and create account with those settings
    5. not clear when you indeed have created an account
    6. not clear how to delete IMAP (or POP) account created by mistake
    7. not clear how to manually override or just to manually setup a new account; bugs: blocking 3.1beta2: bug 533680-No way to turn off auto-detecton
    8. not clear that POP accounts will have email deleted on server after 14 days; bugs: bug 531088
  2. anything that causes users not to be able to send or receive email e.g. the following of which most are not UX and most are fixed
    1. uncheck use authentication
    2. sometimes have to delete SMTP passwords after upgrade
    3. master password issues (most fixed in 3.0.2 IIRC)
  3. duplicate folders issues on upgrade - not an UX issue and looks like Bienvenu will fix most of the issues in 3.1
  4. smart folders not on by default or a modal dialogue to switch them off at 1st upgrade - at the very least a more obvious UI affordance
  5. tabs people don't like tabs but they don't really know what they want. I think an informative dialogue/video/modal dialog plus some polish would go a long way
  6. Quick Search / Old Search - people want to be able to easily use old search as well as gloda search
  7. compact header - again info dialog, link to add-on, etc part of modal dialog on 1st upgrade
  8. Improve Addon experience - Detect old and misbehaving addons like Secunia PSI and Kaspersky (I know I am dreaming :-) !) and force an upgrade to TB 3 version on 1st upgrade OR remove them
  9. performance is too slow - some folks can't handle gloda on their slower machines - provide diagnosis tool? Could also just be documenation
  10. Thunderbird memory hog - Not UX but if we could reveal what's happening that would be great - provide diagnosis tool?
  11. disk space options of some sort - some folks can't handle gloda on their puny :-) disk drives (I have a puny drive on my 2.5 year old laptop but haven't had this issue) - provide diagnosis tool?
  12. Gmail bandwidth limits -
  13. Gmail 4 GB limit -
  14. archiving - explain feature in modal dialogue on 1st upgrade
  15. Windows 7 Thunderbird Migration from old computer running XP and Outlook
  16. Microsoft email and address book import Add-On - Outlook Express / Outlook that actually works - people would pay for such an add-on
  17. Windows unread blue colour is unreadable for those with bad monitor
  18. Automatic Folder Compaction and fixing of MSF files - this still happens in 3 but not as often in 2 would be great to have this done with intuitive UI or automatically
  19. Miscellaneous RSS issues - I don't use this so I tend to ignore them unfortunately since I am overwhelmed with just email issues
  20. Miscellaneous News Group issues - I don't use this so I tend to ignore them unforunately since I am overwhelmed with just email issues

WOULD BE NICE for 3.1 or 3.1.x

  1. bug 548041 - nothing fancy, modelled on firefox about:support in 3.6 e.g. in help->support which obfuscates userids and copies TB version, OS version, addon info, prefs, POP and SMTP and IMAP and account info to the clip board or to a new tab that is suitable to be copied and pasted into GS and Bugzilla