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  • call to action blue button is quite prominent on home page
  • get involved web page has quite well defined options to get involved
  • really easy to navigate to the thing you are interested in helping with
  • cons: the call to action is missing fom threads and/or is not as prominent in sub pages
  • deaves: single best way is to get people to do discrete specific small tasks immediately
  • deaves: make entry point/floor/prerequisites clear, support entry point is lower
  • deaves: bugzilla discourages support requests which is a barrier, creates artificial barriers
  • deaves: much better to say if you are a), b) or c) then try this, this and this
  • dascher: ok to have call to action at bottom of support page since most people want to get support NOT to volunteer
  • deaves: balance dashboards so that people who don't have rewards and don't have badges aren't intimidated or feel left out
  • rtanglao: to prevent this feeling of being left out: minimum viable awesomness badges and unique badges per awesome contributor as well as automatic badges to recognize linkedin/"resume-able" skills

designing work for participation worksheet

  • deaves: what tasks are we asking them to do, what skills are required to do these tasks, what are the incentives to contribute? is there a checklist to do and if needed "sign off/check" the work?
  • deaves: future workshop. if we have identified tasks what are the types of people who would want to do that?
  • dascher: adobe's bracket editor most contributors were paid staff not unpaid staff