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Printing in Firefox and Thunderbird

Print layout and print options should be improved in Fx and Tb.

For better customization it should be possible

  • to change the header and footer margin space,
  • to order the header and footer text like you want (e.g. "title - URL" at the center of the page, not "title" on the left side and "URL" centered) and
  • to set a maximum length of the URL shown in the header/footer. An URL, which is too long for a single line, should wrap to a new line up to the maximum given length. The content size of the page shrinks with every new header/footer line. Default should be an automatical max. length with single line and no wrap.

Especially Thunderbird needs more options:

  • Possibility to show more data on the top of the printout (e.g. account name),
  • adaptability (font, font size, bold, underlined) of the data on the top of the printout (account name, sender, subject heading, …),
  • more appealing integration of attachements (neat pictures instead of the cold facts of content type and content encoding) and
  • choice of insertion of attachments - before content or after it.