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Recommendations for people visiting the Mozilla office in Vancouver.

Many of these are compiled in this FourSquare list. There is also a handy Google Map

Airport Transportation

The best way is to take the 'Canada Line' train from the airport.

Traveling to the US from YVR

Be at the airport 2 hours before flights to the US as you'll be going through US Immigration at the YVR airport.


We've had the best luck with the St. Regis Hotel which is near the office and the Canada line station, and bookable via egencia:


Vegetarian-friendly Options

  • Nicli Antica Pizza
  • Verace Pizza
  • Incendio Pizza
  • Deacon's Corner (diner)
  • Sitar (indian)
  • Nuba (lebanese)
  • La taqueria (tacos, duh)
  • Golden Garden (vietnamese)
  • Salad Loop (one under Harbour Centre, one in Vancouver Public Library's Central library)
  • MoMo Sushi
  • Finch's (sandwiches, slow but very good)
  • Gorilla Food (raw vegan)
  • International Village food court (by Stadium Skytrain Station)
  • Harbour centre food court

Non-Vegetarian Options

  • Guu Izakaya (A Vancouver Gastown tradition)
  • Chambar (belgian, dinner)
  • Cafe Medina (brunch, lunch, waffles, pseudo-european-fusion)
  • Meat & Bread (lunch; excellent "sandwiches")
  • Guu Izakaya in Gastown (water st. location)
  • Pour House (excellent burger among others, not cheap)
  • Revel Room (decent burger)
  • Irish Heather
  • Salt (cold cuts, cheeses, wine);Judas Goat is a fancy $$ tapas run by the same folks
  • Jules Bistro
  • L'abbatoir (cutting edge, v. good, not cheap)
  • Minami - fancy sushi
  • Miku - fancy sushi
  • Octopus Garden - sushi

Not close to the office

  • Sushi: Kishimoto, Toshi Sushi, Sushi by Yuji, Masayoshi.
  • Italian: La Buca; La Quercia; Campagnolo; Quattro (North Vancouver and Whistler; the Vancouver location closed)
  • Pizza: Pizzeria Barbarella at Fraser and Broadway;Via Tavere near Commercial Drive; Bibo
  • Indian: Vij's (fancy fusion); Rangoli (related, less fancy)
  • Thai: Krua Thai in North Vancouver
  • Japanese: the other Guu restaurants; Gyoza King; Kintaro Ramen on Denman; Motomachi Shokudo Ramen
  • French: Regalade; Au petit Chavignol; Aux faux bourgeois; Salade de fruits
  • Chinese: I'm not competent in that domain, but there are apparently world-class options here. Ask Roland Tanglao. Better yet ask a "Canadian of Chinese heritage" like Anthony Lam or Mavis Ou. I love cheap and cheerful cash only greasy Cantonese at New Town Bakery (special set menu B and C!), and a little more expensive The Boss (ox tongue, congee, pepper beef noodles!) both in Chinatown. Mavis and Anthony can tell you about Richmond and non lunch food.
  • Harvest Deli on Broadway for classic sandwiches;
  • Templeton (check out the Portobello "burger", and the $5-shake); Deacon's corner for a corned beef hash;

Lots of street food vendors!


Drinks that make you feel funny

  • Alibi Room - lots of local beers on tap & decent food
  • Keefer Bar Some of the best, most inventive cocktails in the city.
  • L'abbatoir - fancy cocktails
  • The Diamond - Fancy cocktails and fun Asian fusion food but closed on Mondays!
  • Six Acres - lots of bottled beers and pub grub and staggering distance from Irish Heather
  • Irish Heather - Guiness! and decent pub grub!
  • Guilt & Co Luxurious cocktails and board games!

Coffee drinks

(FYI: Vancouverites are *serious* about coffee places.)

  • Revolver (the boss) - impressive selection for pourovers, great espresso game
  • Acme (for when you want to impress) - 19April2016roland - not sure the coffee is great but the pies are out of this world and go well with coffee
  • East Van Roasters (tiny, cute, chocolate involved)
  • Nelson the Seagull (next to East Van Roasters, better for longer stays, fresh-made bread too) (Brits: this is the best flat white in town)
  • Timbertrain [wooden, Gastowny, "hip"]
  • Musette Bicycle-racing-themed café in the West End. Coffee is only "very good," but the shop is bright, gorgeous, and full of neat racing memorabilia (and cyclists!). Great breakfast and brunch food. No laptops on weekends.

Health Professionals

Move your body

Treat yourself

Recommendations for people visiting Vancouver before/after All Hands

Things to do outside

Neighbourhood adventures

  • breweries in Mount Pleasant - Brassneck, Faculty, R&B, Main Street Brewing, 33 Acres, Red Truck
  • Tara add walking tour of favourite places on Main Street

Cultural things



Check The Georgia Straight, aka The Straight, for music listings.

Live music venues

  • Imperial
  • Fortune Sound Club
  • The Fox
  • The Biltmore



Things to eat

Scout Magazine has pretty reliable reviews, including a Best of... list.

  • Richmond Night Market - one block from Bridgeport Station on the Canada Line, in addition to many tasty types of meat-on-a-stick, Asian street food, it's also a good place to buy cute socks and cute smart phone cases


  • Yolks
  • Cafe Medina - get there early
  • Oakwood
  • Jam - long waits, big portions