Venkman/Firebug Comparison

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This document is meant to compare Venkman features with Firebug features.

Venkman Firebug
Chrome debugging "ChromeBug" variant for debugging chrome (
Customizable panel layout (detach/dock/move/hide) All "panels" are different tabs. The entirety of the UI can be docked to a Firefox window or undocked, as a separate window.
debugger keyword debugger keyword (part of JSD, yeah?)
Browse/filter by file and browse by function (Loaded Scripts panel), or browse by open windows and list active scripts for that context (Open Windows panel). Displayed as trees in panels (therefore with views that stay alive). List of all files in a menupopup (therefore volatile, with the view staying alive only as long as the popup).
Break for errors/exceptions Break on Errors, DOM Mutation, XHR, support eval
Interactive session with commands to achieve most things possible from the GUI. API and loading mechanism to extend the command set with additional commands.  ?
JS in interactive session executed in context of the page being debugged. command line
No printing of interactive widgets. Logged data structures 'printed' as interactive widgets.
Conditional breakpoints/execute function on breakpoint Conditional breakpoints
See DOM Inspector. :-) XUL inspector + CSS view