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Goal: Develop a standard way for hosting video at Mozilla.


  • Full browser support
  • Central video archive
  • Minimize code duplication
    • Lots of different projects are finding the need for video uploads. They shouldn't have to duplicate the upload, archive, or embedding code
  • Easily extensible / themeable
    • e.g. project X needs to upload videos of a certain type only, and needs user name and email along with each upload


  • Upload page
    • saves to
    • saves record to DB, for archives
      • multiple upload using file API would be nice
  • Encoding
    • For full browser support, we'll need at least OGG and MP4
    • (need to decide which formats we'll accept. licensing concerns here)
      • More specifically, Theora/Vorbis in OGV and H.264/AAC in MP4 (licensing concerns here)
    • Would prefer to have several encodings for each video
      • High Bitrate (full frame size, full frame rate, high quality encoding)
      • Medium Bitrate (some trade off between frame size, frame rate, and quality encoding)
      • Possibly audio only
    • Optional "pass through" that doesn't do any encoding on the original file assuming it's already in the appropriate format(s)
  • View page
    • Video player with full browser support
    • Easy copy/paste code for embedding


  • How does Flash video work?
    • Do we need a license or other proprietary purchase?



Still deciding...probably an initial demo ready sometime in early November

  • ok, that passed ;) how about late November