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Questions to cover

Firefox Vista Bug Query

for Firefox 2

  1. How does the new security model in Vista affect the various interactions our code has with the OS, specifically things like updating, installing addons, caching, bookmarking, copy and paste between apps, etc.
  2. How, if at all, has the theme stuff changed in ways that affect our ability to read default colours using nsITheme? Are there large font or other OS theme settings that break us horribly?
  3. Is there any way for our theming system to tell if a user is running w32/XP vs. w32/Vista?
  4. Any changes to bookmark, history or cookie import/export with IE7 for Vista?
  5. XPInstall and Software Update -- how do we support installation into protected areas. For example, how do we install plugins.

for Firefox 3

  1. How can we interact with their RSS platform: low-bar, to be able to import/export/migrate, high-bar, to participate in feed read/unread status
  2. Can we pass calendar data to their Calendar app?
  3. Can we pass address data to their address book?
  4. How do we install global add-ons into a protected area from a running instance of the app?
  5. What is the replacement for GDI, that's usable from native C/C++ code?

GDI+ was deprecated, and as far as I can tell, all the Windows Presentation Framework stuff rqeuires managed code. Specifically, is there a layer higher than raw Direct3D that allows apps to do sane operations with image data with and without alpha, render glyphs to such images, etc? (An answer would be fine, but if you guys could get me an email address of someone to talk to, that would be even better. - Vlad)


  • Exposing the Thunderbird mail store to OS integrated search.
  • Exposing system address book data in Thunderbird
  • Passing calendar data in Thunderbird to the system calendar app
  • Registry Requirements for being a default RSS Feed Reader


  • Can someone get me [Stuart] a contact for people working on Uniscribe
  • What is the CSLID for the downloads folder (bug 308073)
  • how do we become part of the apphelp for versions < 2.0
  • How can we integrate with the os-level search (Spotlight equivalent)
  • Is there a Windows Media Player plugin for NPAPI.
  • NPAPI plugin discussion -- how should browsers recommend to install plugins.
  • What MSI technologies are available - internally and externally from Microsoft - that make sense for our project.


  • Doug Turner
  • Robert Strong
  • Mike Schroepfer
  • Scott MacGregor
  • Vlad