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Meeting Notes

  • Telephony
    • Bent doing other things. Kyle on vacation
  • BatteryAPI
    • Patch ready for review in a couple of days for android
    • Discussions with W3C about our proposal. They seem in general positive
    • Linux backend possibly for end of week
  • Camera
    • Fennec moving to Java UI. Porting camera UI to this new frontend. Will open native app for the actual picture taking.
    • Pretty close to have full camera backend (from RTC team) on mac.
    • Drafting on internal APIs for B2G backend.
  • AppCache
    • We are implementing spec as far as we can tell.
  • Vibrator
    • Justin lebar has mostly working patch. bug 679966
  • IndexedDB
    • Kyle Huey has patch for new version API. Reviewed yesterday.
    • Need deleteDatabase in order to land.
    • Bent taking a lot of low-hanging fruit where we have minor differences from spec
    • Hope to have much of the small stuff finished
    • File support ready for review this week or next
  • Contacts
  • QA
    • Test Pages - where possible - for existing APIs, so that we can begin manual testing. Test pages can be made in the vein of http://people.mozilla.com/~fdesre/capture. We can automate later, but now can at least begin to collect data and file bugs:
      • Battery (almost ready; 1-2 days (build fennec + test page)
      • Camera - (already have test page, landed on fennec, awaiting new UI, include document for expectations and test conditions) Is there functionality we need to add - work with fabrice to add actual documentation, how to run tests, etc?
      • Telephony. (nothing running yet) Where is the test app we used for demo at all hands?
          • only on B2g
      • Indexed DB (nothing needed from QA side; mochitests exists(these are also part of nightly))
      • Vibrator (maybe almost ready, 1-2 days, get guys to write test page (more advanced for all functions, include documentation for running all manual tests)
          • only on B2g, Fennec
      • AppCache (fully automated with mochitests)
    • Priorities. What are the priorities for each API during this quarter?
  • Test Levels (automated):
    • UI test pages which are eventually automated using some framework
    • Mochitest - web page tests
    • Add on during testing - goes into firefox ui - is new part showing (Special Powers Add-on)
    • Will need low level hooks - right signals to hardware?
    • Test Specific code within shipping code (low level tests)...