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Meeting notes

  • Telephony
  • Battery
    • Mostly landed
    • Some features remaining (remaining*Time), have patches
    • Hope to land remaining stuff on aurora for FF10
  • SMS
    • Not much new to report due to working on other APIs. Work is resuming this week.
  • Vibrator
    • Backend landed, but not DOM API
    • Need to find someone to fix the fact that turning off screen doesn't "hide" current page
  • Camera
    • Blocked by building WebRTC code on windows. Needs make love.
  • IndexedDB
    • Lots of progress, over half of the bugs fixed for FF10
    • New version API and deleteDatabase landed
    • Arrays-as-keys is big outstanding issue
  • Files in indexedDB
    • Initial patch is up for review
    • Followup work is almost ready (tests, integration with clear-data UI feature)
  • QA
  • QA Automation
    • Working on automation based on qemu which will allow us to control "hardware" conditions for testing
    • Also needs headsup for which APIs we are working on