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Meeting Notes

  • Telephony
    • Working on JS-core to implement telephony
    • work on Workerthread talking to radio
    • Need API for metadata
  • Battery
    • Two people external to the project are working on OSX and Windows backends
    • Have to wake up firefox process on every 1% change in order to calculate remainingTime quickly enough (on Android)
  • SMS
    • Sending and receiving are going to land in mozilla-central soon (waiting for 2 reviews)
    • Accessing the andoird database for stored messages needs more work (noticed weird bugs)
  • Camera
    • Ted started working on getting webrtc build on windows.
    • UI mockups look good but some amount of work.
    • Need someone to work on in-page UI, but have candidates
  • IndexedDB
    • Performance work landed
    • Random other features/bugs fixed
    • Arrays as keys big remaining feature
  • Files in indexeddb
    • Receiving review
  • Filesystem
    • USBsticks/memory cards are an unsolved usecase
    • Need both reading and writing
    • Need API for storing multimedia. Can store that locally in DCF format which is then exposed when plugging phone in.
  • Contacts
    • Use case includes a full contacts manager
    • Request based vs. callback based
    • It might be possible to do on top of intents. However for now we need to do this as a plain API and feed those requirements into a intent-based API.
  • QA