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Meeting Notes

  • Telephony
    • Javascript core coming along
    • Hoping to have dailing working by friday
    • A lot of work to get SMS done
    • Work happening on audio
  • Battery
    • Disabled for FF10
    • Spec in last call
  • SMS
    • Landed sending and receiving messages on android
    • Working on get existing messages
  • Camera
    • Working on windows build system
  • IndexedDB
    • Reviewing files-in-indexedDB
    • Snappy code triggering GCC bug on linux PGO resulting in linker error
    • Small bug fixes in review queue and getting checked in
    • Have initial patches for arrays-as-keys and multientry
  • Testing/QA
    • Blog post written by John
    • Need to make Indexeddb testpage for backwards compat
      • need some profile migration test page for ff4-ff5
      • create ff4 profile; opens db in 5,6,7
      • migrate test app from ff4;
      • open ff4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, (10 landed most recent changes in)
      • 2 apps: populate data, verify data