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Meeting Notes

  • WebTelephony
    • Most functionality completed both in RIL and in DOM
    • DOM API implemented in JS
    • There are various aspects of JS impl that is suboptimal. Duplicates the DOMEventTarget implementation.
    • Need to either do platform work or rewrite in C++ in order to have a good DOM API implementation.
    • Other than Event "stuff" we can do most of the implementation in JS
    • Main RIL code is implemented in JS running in a special Worker that sits between deamon and DOM API
  • SMS
    • All patches attached (this includes DOM API and Android backend)
    • Nothing will land until after aurora branch point
    • Need a B2G backend.
    • B2G backend will same RIL code as WebTelephony so tons of work already done
  • IndexedDB
    • File support going through review
    • New simpler/more correct Autoincrement support ready to land
    • Some work happening for arrays as keys
    • Error handling the only remaining thing we haven't started on
  • Network Status API
    • WebAPI/NetworkAPI
    • We're hoping to only expose bandwidth rather than "type"
    • Have initial implementation of the DOM API awaiting review
    • Targeted backends are android and linux
  • Contacts API
    • Work is happening for B2G implementation based on IndexedDB
  • Battery
    • Windows backend landed
    • Mac OSX backend being worked on
    • Gonk (B2G) backend in github, need some changes to go to m-c
    • DOM API done
  • Browser APIs
  • QA
    • Blogged (and tested) Gamepad, Fullscreen, and Mouselock APIs
    • Have manual test for EXIF support; still stuck on making test page
    • have indexeddb page for upgrade tests
    • presently turning attention to B2G (building, learning), will be spending more time there;
    • will at some point look into Marionette also telephony may soon land on b2g side - how can we emulate the radio stuff?