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Meeting Notes

  • WebTelephony
    • Patch up to move DOM into C++ (gives us better event integration)
    • 3rd party calls is not a priority right now
    • sending dtmf tones working but not in new DOM
  • WebSMS
    • Everything has been reviewed for android.
    • There are build issues windows/mac
    • Have patches for incomming messages on B2G, but still needs work
    • Should have basic SMS support for B2G by the end of week
  • IndexedDB
    • File support landed
    • Landed arrays-as-keys and keypath-arrays
    • We're basically feature complete!
    • Missing some error handling stuff
  • Network API
    • Working on linux support
    • received positive feedback from devs
  • Contacts
    • Some questions regarding what fields to have for names
  • Battery
    • Waiting for OSX backend
  • Bluetooth
    • Kyle starting to look at this