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Meeting Notes

  • SMS
    • Waiting for reviews on android. Need to figure out what we want to have on mobile firefox.
    • Mobile team wants to use a different way to talk between gecko and Java. Blocked on figuring out a strategy
  • USB
    • Jim from B2G team might be looking at implementing
  • Bluetooth
    • Andreas drafted a low-level API. Kyle looking at implementing
  • Network API
    • DOM API and android backend ready to land
    • Linux backend awaiting review
    • Device Status TF feedback seems generally positive
  • Screen orientation
    • Mounir sent API proposal to webapi list
    • Lets page detect screen orientation
    • Lets page disable screen rotation and lock to particular orientation
  • testing
    • mostly turning attention to B2G as I got a build env working last week (hooray!)
    • would be interesting to try out the telephony stuff in emulator if there are instructions
    • will be working with test planning this week (webapis, but also b2g) will be hitting people up for input
    • looks like I'll be learning how to build/use the emulator
  • Automated tests
  • Should we join DAP?