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Meeting Notes

  • Telephony
    • Ben landed DOM-API rewrite into C++.
    • DOM Events now working
    • Security controlled through a pref selecting which url is allowed to access
    • Idea is to use intents to allow other apps to get status
    • Probably need to update gaia apps to use new property names
  • WebSMS
    • Some patches reviewed, main patch is next in queue for review
    • Probably not landing this week
  • Network API
    • still waiting for review for linux backend
    • DOM API and Android backend ready to land along with SMS
  • Other Network API
    • Signal Strength
    • Enumerate other available wifi/gsm networks
    • Configure data for networks that you want to connect to (username/passwd). Might be settings
  • Contacts API
    • Two paths. Readonly/readwrite
    • Implemented in javascript using XPCOM category manager to get API on navigator object
    • Stores contacts in IndexedDB
    • Somewhat weird API from W3C in that it allows selecting which fields to read
  • Screen Orientation
    • Working out API still
    • Can either return lock objects which have .unlock function on them, or paired lock/unlock functions on same object
  • Media Storage API
    • Will
  • Bluetooth API
    • Is blocked on tring to bring up the drivers and hardware.
    • Will use dbus on B2G and linux probably, which means that we can share experience/code
    • Will focus on the DOM side as a break.
  • QA
    • Currently working with Marionette stuff, mostly on B2G side. Could be helpful to know at this stage which Webapis have landed on B2G
      • telephony(sending and receiving calls)