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Meeting Notes

  • Telephony (bent)
    • bent is fine-tuning DOM implementation
    • philikon updated gaia to work with new impl.
  • WebSMS (mounir)
    • Fennec impl should land today! Needs final review from cjones.
    • B2G impl works, waiting on backend-y database for the SMS app.
  • Network Information API (mounir)
    • Fennec impl to land today for android, waiting on karlt for linux review.
    • No B2G impl, need someone assigned, maybe philikon?
  • Network Management API (philikon)
    • No DOM API at the moment. thinker/jose proposed internal API.
    • Requirements doc needed, mounir to do impl?
  • Contacts API (gregor)
    • No update
  • Screen Orientation (mounir)
    • Still discussing API, semi-close to finishing, maybe next week.
  • Media Storage API (?)
    • No update
  • Bluetooth API (qDot)
    • B2G firmware giving problems, so using desktop linux at the moment.
    • Using DBUS, can turn chip on and off.
    • Need help with DOM side, bent will help.
  • Camera API (fabrice)
    • No updates.
  • Settings API (mounir)
    • No real API yet, sicking and mounir.
  • QA
    • jhamminkusing marionette now
    • jhammink will start playing with telephony API today
    • mdas working on gaia tests, avoiding need to interact with iframes from homescreen