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Meeting Notes

  • Bluetooth
    • Got things working Galaxy S2
    • Eric Chou is picking up the work
  • Telephony/SMS
    • Kyle finishing up implementation and doing bug fixes
  • Network Information
    • Initial review done, comments need to be addressed
  • Settings
    • Jonas posted updeted api
  • WebNFC
    • Working on implementing backend deamon which is running all the time
    • Basic API is not enough to do payments
    • Android implementation should be possible, but no one is working on it right now
  • QA
    • Sec review done for Marionette!
    • Added ability to log from within test which helps with test development
    • primarily working with mozTelephony, mozSms on B2G so far
    • could use some insight on mozSettings API - started to look at it with Marionette during B2G work week but somethings are unclear