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Meeting Notes

  • Telephony
    • Still need to do hold/resume/callwaiting/multipart
    • Also need error handling (network unavilable, call dropped statuses)
  • SMS
    • Fernando is working on SMS database. Currently in review
  • Idle API
    • Most of first version of API coming along. Fuzz-factor still needed.
    • Will need to update to new API.
  • Screen Orientation
    • need feedback from cjones to see if he's happy with api
  • Resource Lock API
    • Progress seems to have stalled, Jonas to poke for updates
  • Settings API
    • Have implementation of old API. Need update to new
    • gw and mrbkap to talk about notification API
  • Mobile Connection API
  • Contacts
    • Some changes needed for Gaia to take advantage of API. Otherwise ready to land
    • Need to figure out priorities for non-B2G platforms
  • BlueTooth
    • We'll have to use low-level dbus API. Work is moving forward on this strategy.
  • Security