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  • Telephony
  • SMS
  • Idle API
  • Screen Orientation
  • Resource Lock API
  • Settings API
  • Mobile Connection API
  • Contacts
  • DeviceStorage API
  • Intents
  • BlueTooth
  • QA
  • Security

Meeting Notes

  • Telephony
    • We should start work on the hold API
    • If anyone has info on if we need API for emergency calls, please let us know
  • Idle API
    • Bonnie working on implementing the updated API
  • Resource Lock API
    • Movement in bug. Review happening
  • DeviceStorage API
    • Jonas to schedule privacy review
  • BlueTooth
    • Slowly moving along
  • NFC
    • The right people finally got the right hardware so hopefully should see more action
  • USB
    • Jim Strauss started looking
    • Others have started looking at exposing the phone as USB device
  • WebPrint API
    • Very low level printing API
    • CSS printing still has gaps that this aims to bridge
  • Test automation
    • Automated tests looks like they'll get started this week