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  • Bonnie
  • Mounir
  • Malini
  • Gregor
  • Doug
  • Jonas
  • Ben
  • Fabrice
  • Kyle
  • Phil
  • Raymond

Meeting Notes

  • bonnie
    • gone through round one of the idle api review comments
    • re-writing add/remove idle observer as suggested by the review
    • handling mutating observer
  • mounir
    • web activities, alarm api and system intents during work week
    • link between apps and windows
    • webapps permissions
  • gwagner
    • Settings API: Add initial values to the DB
    • Service for c++ chrome landed last friday.
    • Contacts API: add fields, change event, pageination...
  • dougt
    • Device storage - working on B2G/Gaia bugs.
    • User Proximity event
  • jonas
    • webapps security model
    • "system intents" API proposed
    • Alarm API
  • bent
    • working on FileHandle review, nearly done
    • too many reviews :(
    • multiprocess indexeddb
    • wrote up list of remaining indexeddb bugs for spec compliance.
  • fabrice
    • updating the Web Activities patch (bug 715814)
  • Kyle (qDot)
    • web usb (works only media transfer)
    • web bluetooth (via dbus)
    • web nfc
  • philikon
    • testing
    • WebMobileConnection
      • growing more SIM card capabilities (PIN lock), thanks Yoshi
      • time to think about a SIM card specific API?
      • regroup Wifi and MobileConnection under navigator.connection?
    • Telephony
      • error reporting, thanks Price
    • MMS
      • prototype any day now
  • Raymond (from security)
    • There's concern about allowing multiple apps per origin. Will schedule meeting to discuss