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  • Bonnie
  • Doug
  • Gregor
  • Mounir
  • Kyle
  • Raymond
  • Jonas

Meeting Notes

  • bonnie:
    • Idle API:
      • Done with the review comments.
      • Will upload for a review either today or at the latest tomorrow.
      • Will push to try.
      • Will get back to working on the string encoding/decoding API.
  • dougt:
    • device storage
      • windows path bullshit
      • should be pushable today/tonight
      • working with pdagnelie on onchange notifications
      • next to add:
        • file handle support
        • enumeration filtering based on modification date
    • device proximity / user proximity
      • landed last week
      • working on spec a bit.
  • gwagner:
    • improved sorting for contacts
    • new field: carrier field for telephone number?
    • prefilled-settings DB can be generated and pushed to the device now.
    • Importing contacts from SIM card works.
    • how should SIM-contact import work with multiple sim cards?
  • mounir:
    • two days off last week
    • had to work on forms stuff
    • have an intern who is going to work on forms for Mobile (android + b2g)
    • implemented events bubbling outside of browser element
    • Screen Orientation API is now FPWD in the WebApp WG!
  • Kyle:
    • Adding file-transfer to Bluetooth.
    • Finalizing audio over bluetooth.
  • Raymond:
    • Multi apps per origin security review coming wednesday
    • Security review for mozapps API mid june