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  • Ben
  • Jan
  • Mounir
  • Doug
  • Paul
  • Bonnie
  • Malini
  • Geo
  • Round table / open discussion

Meeting Minutes

  • Ben
    • last week figured out blockers for out-of-process IndexedDB tests (khuey to review)
    • working through review queue (Bonnie's done, qDot's on the way)
    • multiprocess file and blob support
    • cjones wants all file IO in parent process (bug #?)
      • need to make file blobs remotable
      • is FileHandle a requirement for gaia apps?
  • Mounir
    • vacations \o/
    • reading backlog from vacations /o\
  • Doug
    • no file access from child process
      • need to talk to bent about blob ipc
    • working with paul on onchange notifications
    • worked on figuring out what paths on gaia we should use for device storage (765444)
  • Paul
    • Fixed bug in linux with watching subdirectories
    • Working on DOM-layer permissions
    • DOM layer and xpcom layer both near review
  • Bonnie
    • Idle API review done. Yay! :)
    • Will work on review comments
    • Apply the gaia patch and idle api patch to the b2g phone
    • Focusing on the idle API and working on the string enc/dec in between.
  • Malini
  • Geo
    • overholt and I prioritized areas for automation. List here: https://wiki.mfozilla.org/B2G/QA/WebAPI_Test_Plan is in priority order
    • Have one more QA engineer confirmed to be helping, Martijn Wargers. ~60% time once Fennec ships.
    • May have some of David Clarke's time as well.
    • Setting up Pivotal Tracker this week since we have a small workgroup coming together
    • (Very) basic sanity/negative screen orientation mochitests submitted to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=760735
    • Currently working on SMS test planning
  • Kyle (qDot)
    • WebBluetooth work
    • Waiting for async'ing and Start/StopDiscovery patch to be reviewed (happening today)
    • Working ahead of that on Properties and Sockets, trying to get proof of concept up so JS work can continue in parallel with lower level code cleaning/reviewing
  • Round table / open discussion
    • Can we get information about the August work week: do we know if the team will be invited? or at least a rough estimation of the chances of that happening?
      • Andrew has emailed Faramarz and will keep everyone posted ASAP
        • Awesome :)
    • Remember: Basecamp is the top priority
    • No meeting next week due to many people attending B2G work week. We'll resume on 3 July.

Action Items