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This wiki page aims to document the difference and common subset of <webview> API provided by various vendors.

API categories

Navigation methods

API Mozilla Google Microsoft
Reload reload() reload() refresh()
Stop stop() stop() stop()
Navigate to previous page in history goBack() back() goBack()
Navigate to next page in history goForward() forward() goForward()
Can go back? getCanGoBack() canGoBack() canGoBack
Can go forward? getCanGoForward() canGoForward() canGoForward
Go to particular history entry go()
Go to particular URL iframe.src webview.src navigate(), navigateWithHttpRequestMessage(), navigateToLocalStreamUri()
Load a data URL or string iframe.src webview.src, loadDataWithBaseUrl() navigateToString()

Resource Management methods

API Mozilla Google Microsoft
Change visibility state setVisible() & setActive()
Get visibility state getVisible() & getActive()
Clear resources purgeHistory() clearData()
Download on behalf of URL download()
Inject Script executeScript() invokeScriptAsync()
Inject CSS insertCSS()
Get document title documentTitle

Event Dispatch methods

API Mozilla Google Microsoft
Mouse Event sendMouseEvent()
Touch Event sendTouchEvent()

Miscellaneous methods

API Mozilla Google Microsoft
Screenshot getScreenshot() capturePreviewToBlobAsync()
Capture content captureSelectedContentToDataPackageAsync()
Zooming zoom() setZoom()
Get current zoom factor getZoom()
Get content's real dimension getContentDimensions()
Search content find()
Stop search content stopFinding()
Get UserAgent getUserAgent()
Check if UserAgent is overridden isUserAgentOverridden()
Override UserAgent setUserAgentOverride()
Print page print()

WebApp methods

API Mozilla Google Microsoft
Indicating a active InputMethod App setInputMethodActive()
Get process identifier getProcessId()
Stop a process terminate()


API Mozilla Google Microsoft
App manifest URL mozapp
Widget manifest URL mozwidget

DOM Events

API Mozilla Google Microsoft
on scroll mozbrowserscroll, mozbrowserasyncscroll
on scrollview change mozbrowserscrollviewchange
on scroll area change mozbrowserscrollareachanged
on manifest change mozbrowsermanifestchange
on meta change mozbrowsermetachange
on window.close() mozbrowserclose close
on WebActivity done mozbrowseractivitydone
on context menu mozbrowsercontextmenu
on error to load mozbrowsererror loadabort MSWebViewUnviewableContentIdentified
on favicon change mozbrowsericonchange
on load end mozbrowserloadend loadcommit, contentload MSWebViewDOMContentLoaded, MSWebViewFrameDOMContentLoaded, MSWebViewNavigationCompleted, MSWebViewFrameNavigationCompleted
on load start mozbrowserloadstart loadstart MSWebViewNavigationStart, MSWebViewFrameNavigationStarting
on load stop loadstop
on loading MSWebViewContentLoading, MSWebViewFrameContentLoading
on load redirect loadredirect
on location change mozbrowserlocationchange
on window.open() mozbrowseropenwindow newwindow
on SSL state change mozbrowsersecuritychange
on prompt (alert, confirm, prompt) mozbrowsershowmodalprompt dialog
on title change mozbrowsertitlechange
on selection mozbrowserselectionstatechanged
on touch caret tap mozbrowsertouchcarettap
on HTTP auth mozbrowserusernameandpasswordrequired
on asking permission permissionrequest
on search engine result mozbrowseropensearch
After paint addNextPaintListener() && removeNextPaintListener()
on first paint mozbrowserfirstpaint, mozbrowserdocumentfirstpaint
When the guest window logs a console message consolemessage
When the process rendering the guest web content has exited exit
When new find(content search) result appears findupdate
When the content is responsive responsive
When the content is unresponsive unresponsive
On content size change mozbrowserresize sizechanged
On zoom factor change zoomchange
on window.external.notify MSWebViewScriptNotify


Mozilla Browser Element

API doc

Google Webview Element

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Microsoft Webview Element

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