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After our April 12 WebAPI meeting, the following schedule was prepared, estimating when various APIs will be documented.

We are documenting these APIs in phases as described below.

Phase 1: Basic Coverage for All APIs

The first phase involves having basic content with a brief summary for each API, as well as complete reference material for all of the APIs not already documented. This phase should be completed by the end of April. Outline of the order in which writing will be done, and estimates for completion dates per API.

API Estimated completion date Notes
Proximity API April 17 Done
Time/Clock API April 17 Done
WebFM API April 18 Done
TCP Socket API April 18 Done
Contacts API April 19 Done
Settings API April 19 Done
Idle API April 24 Done (complete)
Web Bluetooth April 27 Assuming the API is stable enough, which it should be. Planning to work on this during the Vancouver doc sprint.
Permissions API April 27 Done
Mobile Connection API April 27 Done
Power Management API April 27 Done (complete)
Network Stats API April 27 Done
WiFi Information API ??? Depends on the implementation status, which is not currently known.

Phase 2: Full documentation for all content-accessible APIs

The next phase is to fully-document all APIs accessible from unprivileged apps. This means having complete how-to documentation, as well as examples. These should be finished by the end of May.

Note: The contractor doing the majority of the writing is on PTO from April 29 to May 13.

API Estimated completion date Notes
Ambient Light Events April 27 Done
Proximity Events May 15/16 Done
Screen Orientation May 22/23 Both Screen Orientation and Device Orientation
Battery Status May 23/24 Done.
Alarm API May 24 Done.
Time/Clock API May 29/30 Done
WebFM API May 30/31 Done

Phase 3: Full documentation for all Certified APIs

By the end of June, we should have complete documentation for all stable certified APIs.

API Estimated completion date Notes
Device Storage API June 5/6 Done but we need to document some related API such as FileHandle.
TCP Socket API June 6/7 Done
Browser API June 12/14 Done
Contacts API June 19/21 Done
WebSMS June 26 Done (There are still things missing but the API is far from stable, so not sure it worth the effort to go deeper)
WebTelephony June 26 Done
Settings API June 26 Done
Web Bluetooth API June 27/28

At this point, our contractor's contract will expire, and what happens from there out is theoretical, but we are in good shape if we hold to this schedule.

Phase 4: In-depth tutorials

Once basic documentation is complete by the end of June, we would like to proceed to write more in-depth tutorials for the most important APIs, as well as to show better how to use them together, as well as in concert with Firefox OS UX building blocks as appropriate.

However, we do not currently have resources allocated for this work. That said, we hope to hire a writer in time to have them do this work.