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José M. Cantera, Telefónica, jmcf@tid.es

Use Cases

To record the history of user activity with the device, particularly with communication services (Phone Calls, Messages, Social Networks, etc.) The Communications Log can have different views: Global or Per-Contact

Using the API the occurrence of incoming calls, missed calls, incoming messages, outgoing messages etc. is automatically recorded.


  • Comms Log Application (Global for the user and per-contact)


  • Dialer, SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, ...


interface NavigatorLog {
    readonly attribute LogManager mozLog;

Navigator implements NavigatorLog;

interface LogManager : EventTarget  {
    DOMRequest put(LogEntry entry);
    DOMRequest delete(DOMString entryId); // Delete one entry
    DOMRequest clear(LogClearOptions coptions);  // To clear the log for maintenance purposes
    // Entries are always returned ordered by timestamp (desc)
    DOMRequest find(optional LogFindFilter filter,optional IteratorOptions iopts);
   attribute Function? onentryadded;  // To listen for log changes

// The iterator will be initialized with a window indicated in the iteration parameters
interface DOMIterator {
  DOMRequest next();   // request to refresh the window of objects with the next
  DOMRequest prev();   // request to refresh the window of objects with the prev
  DOMRequest skipTo(unsigned long chunk);
  readonly attribute boolean hasMore; 
  readonly attribute unsigned long count;  // total number of objects
  readonly attribute any[]? values;   // Contains the current window of objects
  readonly attribute chunkSize;

dictionary LogFindFilter {
   DOMString? contactId;
   Date? from;   // for defining a time interval
   Date? to;       // for defining a time interval
   DOMString? service;  // to filter by service
   DOMString? type;     // to filter by Log type

dictionary LogClearOptions {
  Date deadline;  // To clear all the entries older than the date passed as parameter
  DOMString? contactId;  // To clear all the entries corresponding to a contact
  DOMString? tel;            // To clear all the entries corresponding to a tel number

dictionary IteratorOptions {
  unsigned long? maxRecords = -1;  // Max number of records to be returned (-1 means all)
  unsigned long? chunkSize = 10;    // Chunk size for the iterator

interface LogEntryProperties {
   attribute DOMString type;  // possible values: ['incoming', 'outgoing'']
   attribute DOMString? status;  // [missed, new]         
   attribute DOMString[]? contactId;  // ContactId     
   attribute DOMString[]? tel;  // Tel number if not in contacts
   attribute DOMString? objectId;  // Object id (for example SMS message on the SMS database)   
   attribute DOMString service;  // oneOf ['SMS', 'Telephony', 'Facebook', 'Twitter'] 
   attribute DOMString? title;             
   attribute DOMString? description;
   attribute any? extra;  // Any extra data to be used by applications

[Constructor(LogEntryProperties properties)]
interface LogEntry : LogEntryProperties {
   readonly attribute DOMString id;
   readonly attribute DOMTimestamp timestamp;                  // When happened


Get latest global 30 log entries (ordered by timestamp, newest to oldest) in chunks of 10

var pageOptions = {maxNumber: 30, chunkSize: 10};
var req = navigator.mozLog.find(null,pageOptions);
req.onsuccess = function(e) {
  var iterator = e.target.result;

  if(iterator.hasMore) {

Get all the log entries corresponding to a contactId

var filterOptions = {contactId: 'ax1234'};
var req = navigator.mozLog.find(filterOptions);
req.onsuccess = function(e) {
  var iterator = e.target.result;
  var logEntries = iterator.values;
  for(var c = 0; c < logEntries.length; c++) {
    window.console.log('LogEntry: ', logEntries[c].type,logEntries[c].timestamp);

  if(iterator.hasMore) {