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Push Project Requirements

  • No open TCP sockets
    • In order to reduce network load, clients should not be required to hold a TCP socket open in order to receive notifications.
    • Network operators should be able to use UDP broadcast (or other standarized mechanism, like WapPUSH, SMS) to 'wake up' client who then should establish a TCP connection to Push Server.
  • No continuously open TCP sockets on mobile devices (previous requirement obsoleted by WebRTC new server initiated connection requirement)
    • Connection between provider proxy to the Push server and the device will be determined by the provider.
    • Provider must allow proxy to hold open a proxied socket to the Push Server, and must relay served notification alerts to devices in a timely manner.
  • Multiple connections (signal versus signal+data)
    • Push system should not require a second TCP connection for data/notification fetching
      • Mozilla believe that this may be a premature optimization.
  • Easy-to-use API
    • A design goal for *all* web apis.
    • Default should be safe, and ensures end to end privacy of data
    • Must not require applications to do their own crypto
  • Guaranteed delivery
    • Push system should guaranteed a timely delivery of notification
    • Push system should be able to recover from data center loss
  • Data privacy
    • Push server should not be able to inspect application private data
    • No disclosure of personal identifiable info to application (e.g. MSISDN)
  • Push system scalability
    • Push system must be able to be scaled to tens of millions.
      • Order of mag smaller than apple or android's system.
    • System must be allowed to support multiple (and possibly federated) push servers

Nice-to-have features:

  • Multicast notifications (e.g. all instance of the same user), broadcast (e.g. all instances of the app) through a single request from app server to the push server
  • Special type of notifications with real-time requirements (e.g. notification of an incoming VoIP call) which are delivered with minimized delay.

Non Goals: