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Web Bluetooth API

Brief purpose of API: The aim of WebBluetooth is to establish a DOM API to set up and communicate with Bluetooth devices. This includes setting properties on adapters and devices, scanning for devices, bonding, and socket initialization for audio and communication.

General Use Cases:

Inherent threats: Privacy, access to sensitive user devices, de-anonimization based on bluetooth state

Threat severity: High


Permissions Table

Type Use Cases Authorization Model Notes & Other Controls
Web Content None No access
Installed Web Apps None No access
Privileged Web Apps None No access
Certified Web Apps
  • Read Bluetooth adapter state
  • Start/Stop device discovery
  • List discovered devices
  • Pair with device
Implicit Potential mitigations: Status indicator showing active bluetooth connection, user can click the status indicator to cancel the connection. Potentially limits on device types.


Non-certified use cases are out of scope for 1.0. We will consider those for a subsequent release.