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Socket API

Brief purpose of API: Grant full access to raw sockets to allow applications such as SMTP clients etc

General Use Cases: None

Inherent threats: Malicious apps attacking internal systems (firewall bypass), local device access

Threat severity: High


Permissions Table

Type Use Cases Authorization Model Notes & Other Controls
Web Content None No access
Installed Web Apps None No access
Privileged Web Apps Talk to non-HTTP services. SSH, FTP, mail clients, supporting custom protocols Implicit
  • Firewall should prohibit access to privileged low number OS ports (<1024).
  • Listening on a port < 1024 should be prohibited.
  • Specify hosts/ports in the manifest, permissions granted implicitly.
Certified Web Apps Open a connection to any domain/port Implicit specify hosts/ports in the manifest, permissions granted implicitly and not able to be revoked (unless device is in developer mode)