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What we want (some of which we already have)

Have explicit temporary and permanent storage

  • temporary intended to solve caching but cache that can go away without penalty
  • no permission dialogues!
  • data needs to be deleted if website falls out of use
  • we're very close to this, bent about to start reviews

Plug in localStorage to temporary storage

  • Honza is working on re-write of localStorage
  • lower priority

Moving data from temporary to permanent storage

  • also called database migration
  • ex. Gmail "go offline"
  • ex. Amazon cloud reader

SimpleStorage API

General appcache problems

  • spec is terrible (poorly written)
  • Mounir will help drive spec side of fixing this
  • needs input from Jan, Patrick McManus, etc.
  • Jonas and Mounir to come up with very rough proposal
  • in London, improve proposal and present to others

Quota API

  • similar to what Google has
    • that's connected with FileSystem API which means we'll have to just have something similar but not exactly the same
  • more predictable than existing 50 MB limit
  • "how much am I currently using?" (both permanent and temporary)

FileSystem API

  • like DeviceStorage API?
  • sandboxed file system (implemented as a library on top of IDB)
  • write a library that uses IDB or falls back to Google's FileSystem API or <something else>
  • higher priority than quota API
  • do we want to include FileHandle in this API ?
  • try to bring in Microsoft views (Apple closer to our view than to Google's)

IndexedDB in Workers

  • Maybe need Workers-As-Service (TM-sicking) support in B2G before this is useful?
  • Code should start getting into review queues
  • IPC thread needs to be removed in future
  • schedule needs to be determined at London work week


  • SimpleStorage API, P1
  • FileSystem API, P2
  • IndexedDB in workers, P3
  • Quota API, P4
  • Database migration (aka "temporary storage"), P5