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Current Status (As to Firefox OS v2.2)

  • Gecko b2g-nfc meta bug, bug 860906
  • Gecko b2g-secure-element meta bug bug 1044428
  • Gaia meta bug, bug 933640
  • nfcd meta bug, bug 1044425
  • Gonk
    • Use a native daemon nfcd which links to native NFC library. nfcd github
  • Hardware
    • Using Nexus-4/Nexus-5, which uses Broadcom NFC chipset with libnfc-nci library.
    • Flame, NXP chipsets with libnfc-nci library.

Security Review (By Paul Theriault and Stephanie Ouillon)


  • Gecko Engineers: Arno Puder, Garner Lee, Siddartha Pothapragada, Yoshi Huang, Dimi Lee
  • Early Contributors: Markus Neubrand, Philipp von Weitershausen


First iteration: NDEF (Firefox OS v1.3)

  • meta bug, bug 959692 - (b2g-NFC-1.3) [meta] FxOS v1.3 NFC feature
  • Technologies:
    • Focus on NDEF standard only for now
    • Others (e.g. proprietary MIFARE) to be investigated later.
  • Capabilities:
    • Read/write NDEF records on tags
    • bug 933136 - [Gecko] NFC onpeerready, onpeerlost callbacks
  • Implementation:
    • See bug 674741
    • NDEF-only API is available on MozNFCTag object.
    • Discovered NDEF tags are automatically parsed and dispatched to content in the "nfc-manager-tech-discovered" system message.
    • navigator.mozNfc only available to a specific privileged content page (cf. WebTelephony, WebSMS).
    • For now, content is expected to do filtering and dispatching to handlers e.g. via WebActivity.
  • Gonk
    • bug 906579 - B2G NFC: NFC Daemon for supporting libnfc-nci
  • Hardware
    • Using Nexus-4, which uses Broadcom NFC chipset with libnfc-nci library.

Second iteration: Handover and other bug fixes (Firefox OS v1.4)

  • meta bug : bug 949293 - (b2g-NFC-1.4) [meta] FxOS v1.4 NFC feature
  • Capabilities:
    • bug 933093 NFC handover.
    • bug 916863 - [NFC] NFC support in emulator
    • NFC Manager API
      • bug 952217 - [B2G][NFC] Have a separate NFC application API and NFC Manager API
      • bug 959437 - Refactor NfcManager APIs and implementation details to support sendFile , notifyUserAcceptedP2P and other privileged Nfc operations

Third iteration: NFC Sharing feature, P2P, emulator support, test cases (Firefox OS v2.0)

  • meta bug : bug 949293 - (b2g-NFC-2.0) [meta] FxOS v2.0 NFC feature
  • NFC emulator: bug 973133
  • More Gaia unit tests for NFC in apps/system/test/unit/

Fourth iteration: HCI transaction event (Firefox OS v2.1)

Fifth iteration: Secure Element and NFC Privileged API (Firefox OS v2.2)

Current API

Check DXR for latest NFC IDL

Usage of APIs


Application Permissions

NFC API has three permissions.

  • nfc, which will be used by privileged applications.
  • nfc-share, which will be used by ceritified(internal) applications.
  • nfc-manager', which will be used by System app.

nfc permission could be used for general tag reading/writing, or sending NDEF to NFC Peer. nfc-share could be used to send large file (Blob) to another NFC peer. nfc-manager is used to control the RF state of NFC hardware.

Application Dispatch Order

1) Foreground App, if the callback ontagfound/onpeerfound is set.
2) If the foreground app doesn't register NFC callbacks or cannot process the event, the event will be redirected to System app, and System app will fire a nfc-ndef-discovered MozActivity.

NFC on B2G emulator

NFC Resources


Similar APIs