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  • Presenter: Blake Turrentine
  • Topic: Mobile Hacking - BlackHat 2011 Preview
  • Date: July 14, 2011
  • Time: 6-9:30pm
  • Location: Mountain View, 10 Forward
  • Open to the Public: Yes!
  • Air Mozilla Streaming: No, the purpose of this demo is to receive feedback on the hands-on course that will be delivered at blackhat. This requires attendees to be at the Mountain View office to perform the physical labs with the mobile hardware.
  • Do I need to be a mobile developer to attend: No, this presentation will be beneficial to anyone with interests in mobile technology and security. Here are the prerequisites that are listed on the black hat web page
    • Knowledge of Web hacking techniques
    • Some coding experience would be helpful
    • Mac, Linux and Windows experience helpful


This 3 hour interactive lab will be a preview of some of the material that Blake will be presenting at his 2011 blackhat training session. The purpose of this presentation is to share research on mobile threats and attacks and to also provide constructive feedback to Blake regarding the course material, presentation, labs etc.

Blake Turrentine has been a penetration tester for more than a decade working for a variety of customers. In performing security work for several Telcos over the years, projects have included lab research, device testing and infrastructure hacking.


  • Today's Trends and Emerging Threats in the Mobile Space
  • Hunting for Malware in Mobile App Stores
  • Labs
    • iPhone
    • Android


There is limited hardware available for this class. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

  1. Michael Coates
  2. Guallaume Destuynder
  3. HaoQi Li
  4. Wes Johnston
  5. Jezreel Ng
  6. Owen Coutts
  7. Riccardo Pelizzi
  8. Frank Yan
  9. Guillermo Huerta
  10. Matt Brandt
  11. Vineeth Kashyap
  12. Ian Melven
  13. Nick Hurley
  14. David Keeler
  15. Jim Chen
  16. Alon Zakai
  17. Victor Jakubiuk
  18. Nikhil Marathe
  19. Kevin Brosnan
  20. Don Jang
  21. Rezwana Karim