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WebExtensions Advisory Group is a cross-disciplinary body responsible for guiding the development of WebExtensions as it branches out into new APIs beyond the basic level of Chrome parity.

Bugs to be discussed in this meeting should be labelled with "[advisory-group]".


When a bug comes into WebExtensions, there is a multiple triage process. Advisory group is the location of last resort for when we need help. Before hand we would expect at least a bug to be triaged to see if its:

  • Is a serious regression or blocker
  • A bug that really doesn't need much discussion and can triaged quickly.
  • A bug that needs more discussion, if so it will get marked [design-decision-needed]

If it is marked with [design-decision-needed] it will be talked about in the community meeting.

  • If it sounds good it will get marked as [design-decision-approved], existing bugs
  • Someone needs to start sending in some patches for [design-decision-approved] bugs :)
  • If we feel confident its not something we don't want to do, sounds good it will get marked as [design-decision-denied] and marked as won't fix.
  • If we still struggle with the bug, we'll mark it with [advisory-group]

Bugs marked with [advisory-group] will be handled in the regular advisory group meeting:

  • Mark a bug as [advisory-group], this should be reserved for bugs that can't be resolved by the community. For example, sometimes security questions need more input. Existing bugs


  • Steering WebExtension API development
    • Recommendations of new APIs.
    • Guidance on API requests, if an API should be implemented.
    • Feedback to people requesting APIs and alternatives.
    • Evaluating experimental APIs and see if they should be included.


  • Kev Needham: Product
  • Daniel Veditz: Security
  • Adam Roach: Engineering
  • Gijs Kruitbosch: Firefox front end
  • Michael Kaply: Enterprise
  • Dan Callahan: Developer relations

... and most of the normal WebExtension development team.

Meeting Notes

Running document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qCIUX0LavYixkzwan8IcSYeut4zQiCkJbrMVpSEm5Lk/edit#