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You've got a patch in WebExtensions that needs a review? Great, here's how to go about it.


The current (May 2017) peers for WebExtensions are Andrew Swan (aswan on IRC), Kris Maglione (John-Galt on IRC) and Shane Caraveo (mixedpuppy on IRC). These are also the peers that will show up in bugzilla as suggested reviewers.

Other reviewers

Other members of the team are more than happy to review patches and will pass them up to the peers before landing. So if you got a bug in one of the following areas, consider contacting one of these before hand.

  • Bob Silverberg (bsilverberg on IRC)
    • alarms, bookmarks, browsingData, history, management, notifications, privacy, sessions
  • Luca Greco (rpl on IRC)
    • webNavigation, devtools, tabs, content-scripts, addon debugging tools
  • Tomislav Jovanovic (zombie on IRC)
    • downloads, runtime, browserAction, pageAction, contextMenus, tabs, windows, webNavigation, webRequest, content-scripts