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This page is here for historical purposes.

A Vision for Extensions in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is undergoing a multi-year change to improve its performance and security, and to give users more control over their web experience. As part of those changes, Firefox’s extension platform is moving to an API-based framework we’re calling WebExtensions.

The new framework supports these goals by:

  • Extending the capabilities of Firefox to interact with web content
  • Simplifying the development and maintenance of extensions for Firefox and other browsers
  • Making it easier for users to personalize Firefox using extensions and themes
  • Minimizing the impact that changes to Firefox internals have on extensions
  • Improving the performance, safety, and security of extensions in Firefox
  • Expanding the capabilities of the API over time to push innovation and adoption in browsers

WebExtension APIs provide a user-controlled, web-focused extension development platform. They strike a balance between the functionality extensions bring to Firefox and the risks to the user experience they bring.

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