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Apps Engineering
Team Lead: Fred Wenzel Mailing List:
The Mozilla Apps Engineering team is dedicated to the creation of high-quality apps as a demonstration of technology and distributable via the Firefox Marketplace, advancing the Open Web as a development platform and apps ecosystem.

In detail:

  • Product Development: Creation of high-quality consumer apps, both original ones and in collaboration with strategic partners.
  • Platform innovation: Advancement of the open web apps ecosystem through reference implementations, engineering support for the standardization process and establishment of best practices and reusable entities for apps development.

Note: The Apps Engineering team was previously known as the Developer Ecosystem team.



The current project list is here: Apps/Ecosystem


The Apps Engineering group consists of these members:

  • Fred Wenzel, Sr. Engineering Manager, Apps
  • Matt Claypotch, Staff HTML5 Engineer
  • Jen Fong-Adwent, Sr. Web Developer
  • James Long, Sr. Web Developer
  • tofumatt (Matthew Riley MacPherson), Vespa Expert (Sr. Web Developer)
  • Sole Penades, Sr. HTML5 Engineer
  • Rory Petty, Sr. Prototyping Engineer
  • Arron Schaar, Sr. Web Developer
  • Piotr Zalewa, Sr. Web Developer

Plus some close friends we frequently work with:

  • Daniel Buchner, Product Manager
  • Tony Santos, UX Lead
  • and many others.