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Apps Engineering
Team Lead: Fred Wenzel Mailing List: apps-engineering at mozilla dot com
The Mozilla Apps Engineering team is dedicated to advancing the Open Web by writing tools and resources to support Firefox and FirefoxOS as first-class citizens in the larger apps development ecosystem.

Apps Engineering operates at the intersection of the tools the larger Web development ecosystem uses (such as libraries and frameworks), and the platforms and products Mozilla develops and advocates (such as Firefox, Firefox OS and their Developer Tools).



The current project list is here: Apps/Ecosystem


The Apps Engineering group consists of these members:

  • Fred Wenzel, Sr. Engineering Manager, Apps
  • tofumatt (Matthew Riley MacPherson), Vespa Expert (Sr. Web Developer)
  • Les Orchard, Sr. Staff Engineer
  • Rory Petty, Staff Product Engineer
  • Brittany Storoz, Sr. Frontend Engineer
  • Piotr Zalewa, Sr. Web Developer

Plus some close friends we frequently work with:

  • Dave Camp and team, Developer Tools
  • Bill Walker, Harald Kirschner and teams, Web Runtime and Partner Engineering
  • Jason Weathersby and team, Tech Evangelism
  • and many others.