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  • rdoherty
    • Finished graph server api rewrite, awaiting reviews
    • Completing collections web view
  • aking
  • morgamic
    • broke my record for interviews in a week
    • AMO stats stuff
    • meetings and more meetings
  • laura
    • tagged SUMO 0.7.1 and will push tonight, planned search/CSAT for 0.7.2, got paulc started
    • worked on prior art user system
    • upcoming: more prior art work. SUMO perf work on forums, need first aid.
  • wenzel
  • lorchard
  • Onsite
  • clouserw
    • did some reviews/patches for AMO. Filed some new bugs
    • AMO triage
    • working with marketing on moz.com (almost done)
    • meeting with pootle guys