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  • morgamic's delectable mind oozes
    • contracts, meetings
    • AMO bugs
    • code reviews for AMO, Socorro
    • saw Austin this weekend in Seattle!
  • neilio's fashionable brain farts
    • still wrestling with SFX (css, working with agency for design fixes, etc.) - my stuff is in the home stretch now
    • AMO category wireframes in full swing
    • Bandwagon wireframe iteratin', yeehaw
    • Started first round of socorro design tweaks
  • clouserw
    • Filed several pootle bugs; the important ones are still open
    • 5.0.2 closed; thanks everyone. 8 more bugs to verify before 5.0.3 opens
    • all.html will maybe be done this month?
  • aking's waking life
    • Editing installation instructions for Socorro
    • Working on Dashboard widgets and navigation for Socorro refresh.
    • Currently doing data deployment to add SeaMonkey and new FF builds to MTBF reports.
  • lars
    • pneumonia
      • synchronized total number of coughs with Friday's Unix timestamp
      • expectorated own body weight in phlegm
      • exceeded pathetic quotient for 2009 by 150%
  • rdoherty
    • Bandwagon scaffolding
    • Community Store bugs
    • Blog post syndicated
    • Personas spec reviews
  • wenzel
    • vacation. was slightly warmer there!
  • laura
    • planning SUMO l10n milestone
    • working to close out SUMO 0.9
    • prior art discussions
    • closed grand total of one AMO bug for 5.0.2
    • evals
  • jbalogh
    • finished (or punted) all my 5.0.2 bugs
    • back to fixing tests this week
  • abuchanan
    • SFX, SFX, SFX
    • AMO bugs, but not patched yet
  • lorchard
    • Hacking away at tests and implementation for Bandwagon sharing API
    • Going to ramp up on bring-your-own-browser this week, too.

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