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  • morgamic
    • contracts
    • interviews
    • workweek prep
  • rdoherty
    • personas personas personas
    • no blog post :(
    • SXSW Thurs-Weds
    • Researching for Labs site redesign
  • aking
    • Community Take Action research
    • two days of Prior Art (Google Patent Search + Reference picker)
    • Socorro Postgres work week
  • clouserw
    • Did some bugs for moz.com, more all.html stuff
    • 5.0.3 froze last night. Majority of bugs made it in, I'll follow up with the missed ones
    • We've got our tagging plan for AMO, woo.
    • Need to plan for 5.0.4 this week
  • neil
    • SFX bug fixes, continuing browser compatibility work
    • SUMO UX audit
    • Labs redesign research, information gathering
    • Design work on AMO category redesign, Bandwagon
    • Socorro redesign bug triage
  • wenzel
    • wrapping up AMO 5.0.3
    • started working on urgent Litmus bugs
      • Perl ugliness
      • repo moved from CVS to hg
    • working on mozilla.com contextual landing pages (for IE, Fx2, Fx3 users)
      • photoshop fun
      • will be on the staging site this week
      • will need IT help to redirect users by UA
  • jbalogh
    • was: drowning in L10n
    • next: fixing tests